We Did It!

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

We planned, prepared, and then persevered through this Year of All Years, and learning, growing, and FUN happened in spite of it all! We are more grateful than ever for our Parkside community for the commitment, support, and trust it took to get to this point. And the children! What a marvel they are! In any moments of doubt or worry, they showed us over and over again what adaptability looks like, and we took advantage of the many opportunities for bravery and creativity this year provided. Thank you to every Parksider – current and alumni – for your continued love and faith in what we do here. We can’t wait to see you ALL in person sometime over the coming school year!

Even in these topsy-turvy times, we were able to bring back some of the events and traditions that had been put on hold over the last year. First, the Lower Elementary children shared their knowledge of the world and its people in a fantastic Geography Fair!

Next up, the Upper Elementary children educated and amazed us with their investigations and experiments for the ever-popluar Science Fair!

We also held scaled-down versions of Cultural Challenge and Gates of Life, inviting the families of each classroom to join us – in person! – for their child’s events. One of the most difficult parts of our pandemic-era operations has been not being able to gather together and have families on campus, so these were extra special days for all.

We’d like to again offer heartfelt thanks to those of you who supported our Amplify Austin campaign in March. We raised $30,000 to help Take Sweet Care of Parkside as we continue to recover from a year in pandemic mode as well as damage from the February storms. With your donations, muscle, and time, we are on our way back and looking forward to brighter days in the coming school year!

Also on the horizon is Parkside’s 30th Anniversary celebration! We want to honor and thank everyone who has been part of this journey since 1991, and we will spotlight the two who made it all possible, Joe and Claire! We are looking forward to a spring 2022 event and would love to have current and alumni Parksiders on the planning committee. If you’d like to join, contact Courtney, and we hope to meet this summer. 

How about this cool opportunity! Parkside was invited to host a concession stand at Austin FC home games this season! If you’re headed out to Q2 Stadium, make sure to stop by Stand 106 for some hot nachos and friendly service – and 10% of sales benefit Parkside! And if you’re interested in volunteering, we may need some more helpers over the season! All volunteers must be 18+, have food handling and TABC training (which you can do online at sites like this, and complete the registration process. Contact Courtney for more details.


We wish all of you good health and good times together, and we can’t wait to see you all on campus and at our 30th Anniversary party! Have a great summer, Parksiders!

With gratitude,


Parkside Community School
“We loved the education our children received ... nurturing, loving, inspirational, disciplined, respectful, and challenging. We also enjoyed the sense of community and family that is always present.”
Christie Horne