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We have been celebrating love in our community this month, and the children shared heartfelt messages of friendship with each other and their teachers this week. Valentine’s Day always includes special treats, songs, and activities, and it’s definitely one of the sweetest times of the year.

Lower Elementary students have been working on passion projects and making great art in addition to their academic work. And Upper Elementary students treated the whole community to a Mardi Gras parade complete with floats based on different areas of study in their classroom. Lots of creative energy flowing around here!

The children have also been working on a very special project – Pennies for Parkside! Each classroom has a collection jar, and they are counting and rolling coins each week to donate to our Amplify Austin fundraiser. We are once again participating in this 24-hour online giving event, and funds raised will support our scholarship program so we can offer Montessori from the Heart to families from throughout the Austin community.

We have set a modest financial goal but are striving for a goal of 100% PARTICIPATION from every Parkside family! We want to show the children that every penny – and every one of us – can make a difference, so whether a family donates one penny or 10,000 pennies, they have participated!

In addition, current and former Parkside families and friends are all invited to contribute to our efforts with your online donations. Amplify Austin is March 1-2, and our goal is to raise $20,000 in 24 hours!

If you’d like to help us amplify the Parkside love, you can “set it and forget it” by scheduling your donation HERE, or you can wait and donate during Amplify Austin, from 6pm Thursday, March 1st to 6pm Friday, March 2nd.

All gifts from the heart are greatly appreciated, so whether you give a little or a lot, we thank you for helping us share our Simple Gifts with deserving children and families in Austin.

Click here to view the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter, The Parkside Connection, and if you’d like to receive it directly, submit your current contact information here.

Parkside Community School
“Parkside has a wonderful reputation in the Montessori community of Austin, and thus intrigued us. But what kept us at Parkside is the love and support we feel from the teachers, admin, directors, and community. Our primary teachers were more than just "guides" -- they obviously cared for my children in my absence. And Joe and Claire are the loving shepherds of a small flock of eager sheep.”
The Scotts