Love Is In the Air

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

On Valentine’s Day, the love was in abundance at Parkside as we once again hosted a new favorite event – Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day. The campus was sparkling, the singing was beautiful, and the company was delightful. We had over 100 guests, and after Simple Gifts, they were invited to tour their child’s classroom before heading off to a long holiday weekend together. We know that many of our children are able to attend Parkside due to the generosity of grandparents, extended family, and special friends like you, and we are so grateful for the loving support of our community. We hold our Simple Gifts sing-along most every Friday of the year, and you are welcome to join us anytime!

Our Upper Elementary children took the work they’ve been doing all year on the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans and translated it into incredible Mardi Gras floats! They paraded around the playgrounds on Fat Tuesday, passing out beads and chanting with the music, before enjoying some delicious King Cake to celebrate their hard work. We love to let the good times roll at Parkside – merci beaucoup, Upper El!

We are currently enrolling students for the 2020-21 school year, so the campus is abuzz with new families coming to learn about the special Parkside brand of Montessori education – Montessori from the heart – as well as our rich history and the gifts of our wonderful community. If you have family or friends who are looking for a learning environment like ours, please send them our way – we’d love to meet them!

As “Community” is our middle name, we’re also showing our LOVE for the greater Austin community this month by kicking off an on-going Parkside Blood Drive! The local blood supply is a shared community resource that bonds us all and ensures that the people you see every day and care about the most – family, friends, neighbors, coworkers – always have access to life-saving blood when they need it. We are partnering with We Are Blood, which has two locations in Austin and one in Round Rock, and any time you donate, if you give them Parkside Group Code: D220, we’ll be able to track the impact our community is making with this precious gift. If you’re local, we’d love for you to participate here, and if you’re not, we hope you’ll consider supporting the blood supply in your area. 

Lastly, we are now just over a week away from Amplify Austin, Parkside’s primary annual fundraiser. For the children’s part, we kicked off Pennies for Parkside this week, so they are collecting and counting coins and bills in their classrooms, and their totals will be added to our school total during the 24-hour day of giving, March 5th-6th. 

For the rest of our community at-large, we invite you to contribute to the multi-year fundraising campaign we began last year, Take Sweet Care of Parkside! Our three biggest priorities are the Children, the Teachers, and the Campus, and with your help, we can provide more student scholarships, enriching staff development opportunities, and campus improvements that will benefit the entire community. 

If you’d like to join us in this campaign, you have several options:

Donate Early, between now and the start of Amplify Austin, and your gift will be added to our total after midnight on March 6th.

Donate during Amplify Austin, anytime between 6pm, Thursday, March 5th and 6pm Friday, March 6th.

Donate during our Parkside Power Hour from 9-10am on Friday, March 6th and help us earn an extra $1,000 for the most individual donations during that hour.

Please note that Amplify Austin uses a giving platform called GiveGab to collect and process online donations, so make sure to donate through the Parkside link on the Amplify Austin site and not the Parkside website.

No matter when or how much you donate, please know that every gift is much appreciated and will go towards our goal of raising $300,000 by Parkside’s 30th Anniversary in 2021! It’s a lofty number, but if our large and loving community comes together to Take Sweet Care of Parkside, what a celebration we’ll have when we reach that goal!

Thank you again for your belief in our work and your support of Parkside. In our sixth year on this campus, we are happy to continue the traditions and culture of this beautiful learning and growing community that Joe and Claire have lovingly fostered since 1991. We so appreciate your part in making that happen, and we hope to thank you in person soon – feel free to stop by anytime.

With gratitude,


Parkside Community School
“Parkside has been the best gift we could have ever given our kids so they could just be kids. And with Grandpa Joe and Nani Claire watching over them with exquisite love and care. We are forever indebted to you both.”
Apurva and Nehal Bhansali