Montessori Children = Happy Adults

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

Further proof you’ve made the right choice for your child’s education! A new paper published in Frontiers in Psychology provides more evidence that a Montessori education may be superior to traditional methods of education, especially on measures relating to students’ long-term psychological health and well-being. Renown Montessori researcher, Angeline Lillard, and her team found their study to be “one more data point in a growing body of research suggesting Montessori pedagogy is better for humans than is the common model.” Read more about their work here in Pyschology Today.

Parkside Community School
“Parkside is more than just an amazing Montessori school, it is a community of parents, students, teachers, and staff who care for, guide, and support one another. It is an environment where everyone grows and we are so grateful to be a part of it. ”
Eric and Stacy Aronson