• The Parkside Party of the Year is just under three weeks away! Here is how you can celebrate with us:

    – Come to the Open House on campus on Saturday, April 9th from 10am-12pm! RSVP HERE – Come to the Anniversary Party at the library on Saturday, April 9th from 7:30-10pm! Buy tickets HERE – Donate an Item to our silent auction HERE – we need more items to raise more funds! – Sign up to Bid in our silent auction HERE – Bidding [...]

  • This summer, Parkside will be the site of several camp opportunities, with something for everyone, Primary through Upper Elementary! Each of these camps is presented by the people and organizations listed below, so all questions and other communications should be directed to the contacts for each specific camp. Parkside is acting as the host site only, but we are excited to see so many children enjoying our campus this summer!

    Montessori Summer Series with Shannon Sheppard – for current Parkside Primary [...]


    We are so excited to announce that we have a date for the best party of the year – Parkside’s 30th Anniversary! On Saturday, April 9th, we will celebrate Joe and Claire’s 40+ years of dedication to Montessori education and 30+ years of love, support, and Simple Gifts at Parkside. You won’t want to miss the chance to say thank you to the guests of honor and reconnect with Parksiders from across the years, so make sure to SAVE [...]

  • We had a glorious morning with so much to celebrate! We started with Simple Gifts, where we love to sing and dance together – including a few special songs for Halloween and Joe and Camille’s birthdays. The children made banners and cards for Joe and then we gathered on the patio for one more surprise for both Joe and Claire. In honor of their 31+ years in creating, nurturing, and inspiring the Parkside community, and in recognition of their well-deserved [...]
  • I realize this message comes sooner than our as-promised quarterly updates, but as is par for the course in 2020, our routines aren’t what they usually are, and we’re going with the flow. We just wrapped up one of our favorite Parkside events, and we have a few special days ahead as well, so I wanted to share this update before we all break for what we hope is a safe and peaceful holiday.

    Last week, we celebrated the beloved tradition [...]

  • 11.18.19


    Fun Fall Days

    Fall (and winter?!) days are upon us, and we are really in the swing of things, having just wrapped up some of our favorite Parkside events – Community Picnic, Fall Campfire, Fall Fest, and Ghosts of the Past (with a Living Wax Museum!). In addition to the work that happens in the classrooms every day, these events are also wonderful opportunities for learning, fostering community, and creating lasting memories, all of which Parkside is dedicated to providing to every child [...]

  • 02.26.20


    Love Is In the Air

    On Valentine’s Day, the love was in abundance at Parkside as we once again hosted a new favorite event – Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day. The campus was sparkling, the singing was beautiful, and the company was delightful. We had over 100 guests, and after Simple Gifts, they were invited to tour their child’s classroom before heading off to a long holiday weekend together. We know that many of our children are able to attend Parkside due to the generosity [...]

  • We are back! The children have returned to campus, and the staff is moving on to the wonderful business of guiding and growing these magnificent humans. In our sixth year on this campus, we are thrilled to welcome new families and staff members while carrying on the traditions and culture that Joe and Claire have lovingly fostered since 1991. We are so fortunate to have their continued presence and guidance on campus, even as they transition toward retirement, and I [...]

  • Springtime is always packed to the gills with special projects and events that showcase the children’s personal growth and the rich lessons that have been presented in the classrooms over the school year. It’s such a pleasure to see each child, from Primary through Upper Elementary, rise to the challenge and celebrate their accomplishments! 

    We were recently inspired and educated by our Elementary children through Lower Elementary’s Invention Fair and Upper Elementary’s Science Fair! These wise and creative minds [...]

  • 02.21.19


    Love Abounds

    Last week, we hosted our first-ever Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day – and by all accounts, it was a big success! The weather was glorious, the singing was beautiful, and the company was delightful. We had nearly 100 guests, and after Simple Gifts, they were invited to tour their child’s classroom. We know that many of our children are able to attend Parkside due to the generosity of grandparents, extended family, and special friends, and we are so grateful for [...]

“At Parkside, the respectful way teachers treat and talk to the kids not only shapes their expectations for other relationships in their lives, it also sets them up for a positive experience of learning. There’s a balance of understanding and support, and the benefit of being known by caring, responsive people. We may live in a big city, but Parkside creates a loving, small town feel for every member of the community.
Amy Lowrey