The following process is for pre- and post-pandemic era admissions and enrollment cycles.  Due to our strict health and safety protocols, we cannot invite prospective families to campus, but we are offering a variety of ways to learn about our school, programs, and community culture. Our goal, as always, is to give you the details necessary to make an informed choice for your child’s education, and we are excited to share more with you about Parkside’s “Montessori from the heart” approach.

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For current information on the admissions process for the 2021-2022 school year, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Parkside Community School! Our goal throughout the admissions process is to build a solid understanding of our programs, curriculum, classrooms, culture, and the unique community that entrusts their children to us.

Step 1 – Come visit our campus.

We hold group tours throughout the school year on Tuesdays from 9-10:30am. There are Primary (ages 3-6) and Elementary (ages 6-12) Tours, each with limited spaces. Please contact us to inquire about our next available spot and to RSVP.

Step 2 – Submit an application.

Please submit an application and a $100 non-refundable application fee for each child that you would like to have considered for enrollment. This will secure your child’s place in the Waiting Pool, but submission of an application does not guarantee enrollment. Parkside follows an admissions process for prospective families, and space availability varies from year to year. 

Step 3 – Observe a Classroom and Meet with our Administration Team.

Parents considering Parkside for their children for the upcoming school year must schedule a one-hour visit to the school between October and January. During this visit, you will observe a classroom and meet with our administration team. The observation allows you to see how a Montessori classroom works and to experience Parkside’s environments specifically. During the meeting, you will review the admissions and enrollment processes, discuss tuition, learn strategies for success here at Parkside, and get all your questions answered.

There are observation slots available in all classrooms from October to January. Please contact us to schedule your observation and administration meeting.
*Additional classroom observations are available throughout the year as interest requires.

All families will receive a questionnaire specific to the program they are interested in, and it must be completed and returned prior to your observation and administration meeting. In addition, for families coming from other elementary schools, Parkside will request records and recommendations from those schools to include in the consideration of the child’s application.

Step 4 – Attend our Parent Education Events.

We offer classes throughout the school year to help familiarize both current and prospective parents with Montessori philosophies, Parkside’s Primary (3-6 year-olds), Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade), and Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade) programs, and other parenting topics. Parent participation is highly valued and is taken into consideration during the admissions process. By joining our Waiting Pool, you will receive information about these and other community events, and your attendance demonstrates your interest in Parkside Community School.

Open Houses

As part of our enrollment process, we offer our annual Program Open Houses. You will receive from the teachers a detailed overview of the classroom program, expectations, and strategies for success, and questions are encouraged. We’ll also have children currently in the program working with materials or giving presentations for a realistic view of the working classroom. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get information straight from the source and help prepare your child for their possible future at Parkside. Please plan to attend an Open House for the program that you anticipate your child entering.

Step 5 – Stay in Touch.

We’ll be in touch periodically throughout the school year to keep you informed of the admissions process and invite you to community events like our Fall Festival and Simple Gifts community sing-alongs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any changes in your contact information or school choices for your family. We are always available to answer questions and encourage prospective families to attend our events for a closer look at our community.

Step 6 – Enrollment Time.

January is enrollment time at Parkside. From the Waiting Pool families who have observed and met with administration, we will begin calling to schedule meetings with the teachers. Calls will be made based on the threshold requirements of space availability, age, and gender and in order of the date of application.

For prospective Primary families, parents come for a group meeting with the teachers, and in the following days, the children come for a visit in the classroom. For prospective Elementary families, parents and children come for individual meetings with the teachers.  For all, following these meetings, and based on the teacher’s observations and recommendation, combined with all of the information we have gathered during the admissions process, we will contact those families that we can invite to join our community. A formal contract and non-refundable enrollment deposit of $500 will secure the child’s place in a classroom.


Parkside Community School does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship program, or other school-administered programs.

“At Parkside, the respectful way teachers treat and talk to the kids not only shapes their expectations for other relationships in their lives, it also sets them up for a positive experience of learning. There’s a balance of understanding and support, and the benefit of being known by caring, responsive people. We may live in a big city, but Parkside creates a loving, small town feel for every member of the community.
Amy Lowrey