Social and Emotional Learning: Nurturing the Whole Child

At Parkside, we first strive to first know each student as a person, so that we can best know how to help bring forth the best in that child.

We are committed to nurturing the whole child, and believe that a child’s social/emotional development is every bit as important as his academic achievement. In fact, we’ve seen that when children are encouraged to live from their innate goodness and make choices from their compassionate hearts, it creates a safe and supportive environment where academic excellence naturally flourishes.

Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life.
–Maria Montessori



Specifically, our school and our teachers strive to help each child to:

  • Develop self-awareness: Each child is unique, and children have different ways of learning. Our teachers offer multiple ways of giving the same lessons, in order to match various learning styles. Our teachers also help students become aware of who they are and how they learn.
  • Learn how to solve problems and resolve conflict: Beginning at age 3, we work with children to help them identify what they’re feeling, and what they like or don’t like. We help them learn how convey their feelings in kind and thoughtful ways. We help children find the language to communicate effectively with peers, and support them in peacefully resolving conflicts as they arise.
  • Build confidence: Many components of Parkside’s program are designed to build your child’s confidence. Twice a year, we host Cultural Challenge, when students perform any piece of their choosing for our school community. Ghosts of the Past happens at Halloween, and gives children the opportunity to research historical figures who made positive contributions to society and give school-wide presentations dressed as those figures. Birthday Accolade Circles are held for each child in the classroom, and allow each student to hear her peers describe her best qualities. Children also build confidence just by participating in our Montessori program, as 3rd year students become classroom leaders and help the younger students. The ability to teach others what they have learned greatly enhances mastery and builds confidence in children.
“Parkside is more than just an amazing Montessori school, it is a community of parents, students, teachers, and staff who care for, guide, and support one another. It is an environment where everyone grows and we are so grateful to be a part of it. ”
Eric and Stacy Aronson