Welcome to the New Parkside!

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

StumpWalkWelcome to the new and permanent home of Parkside Community Montessori School.

We are grateful and elated to have the opportunity to experience remaking ourselves in such a fantastic way. The hard teamwork of many people has manifested a wonderful place for all of us to work and grow. Our classrooms are beautiful, the land is spectacular, and it’s a joy to see the children settling into a natural setting with fresh air and lots of room to move.

Parkside’s first Simple Gifts ceremony was conducted out in the fresh air on a beautiful Friday morning. Our first community gathering was a magical experience for all.

We have made the move and are busy settling in, attending to many final details. Our classrooms are working very well and we all love the wide open spaces. This is the beginning of a long and exciting journey that will benefit many adults and especially our children. We truly appreciate the support you’ve given us throughout this challenging but successful transition.

We are dedicated to making the best Montessori school we possibly can and a place for our community to connect to each other and to the land. Thank you to all for your trust and continued support. We look forward to serving the Austin community for many decades to come.

— Joe & Claire Bruno
Founders, Parkside Community School

Parkside Community School
“I tell my friends endless stories about Parkside all the time. It was the best school I've ever attended. I don't think I'll ever meet two people as extraordinary as Joe and Claire -- they really changed my life. Thank you, Parkside, for all of your contributions, love and support! ”
Bella Castillo