Parkside’s Parent Volunteer Program

Parent participation is integral to the spirit and day-to-day operations of Parkside. Every moment a parent spends being involved on campus strengthens our community ties, helps to improve our school,  and saves money that would otherwise be spent on outside contractors. Parkside is truly a place where families come together and where we all pitch in to help our school and our children reach their full potential.

The more involved you are with Parkside, the better the educational and community experience for all. By attending parent conferences and classroom parent meetings, you build connection and trust with your child’s teachers. We also highly encourage you to attend our periodic Parent Education events, which focus on topics such as the Montessori method, child development, and parenting. Our Simple Gifts gatherings and other school-wide events offer wonderful opportunities to get to know fellow Parkside families and staff.

Upon enrollment, we ask each family to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per school year or donate the financial equivalent of $20 per volunteer hour. Parents can be involved with classroom help, campus improvements, or event planning and volunteering. There are also take-home projects available, so we have a wide variety of ways and opportunities to earn volunteer hours.

“Parkside has a wonderful reputation in the Montessori community of Austin, and thus intrigued us. But what kept us at Parkside is the love and support we felt from the teachers, admin, directors, and community. Our Primary teachers were more than just "guides" -- they obviously cared for my children in my absence. ”
The Scotts