Be Involved FAQs

General Questions

How many involvement hours does our family need?

20 involvement hours per family (not per child enrolled) is required but we encourage you to do more, if possible. Parents, grandparents, caregivers and siblings can all help out. You can complete them steadily over the course of the year (only 2 hours a month) or concentrate your efforts toward one of our larger events and get the bulk of them done in one fell swoop.

Does one involvement hour equal one 60-minute hour?

An involvement hour may or may not be equal to a 60-minute hour. Please see the notes & duties within Volgistics to know how to properly log the involvement hours for each assignment.

Why don’t you just raise tuition instead of asking for a BE INVOLVED commitment?

By choosing Parkside Community School for your child(ren), you have expressed a desire to BE INVOLVED. Afterall, community is part of our name. Experience has shown that the more you are involved, the greater your family’s overall experience will be at Parkside.


There are a number of year-round projects that will provide ample opportunity for your family to pitch in around campus and help with classroom needs. You may also choose to help with one or more of our larger events that we have throughout the year.

How will I know what is available and when you need my involvement?

We’ll be posting involvement opportunities as they come up in Parkside Happenings (our weekly newsletter) – look for them in the right-hand column. You can also log in to your volunteer account to sign up for scheduled activities, events and assignments.

I work full-time, will there be opportunities for me to BE INVOLVED during non-school hours?

Of course, we want all of our parents to be able to BE INVOLVED! There will be plenty of special events and fundraising opportunities in addition to take-home materials as well as weekend and after-hours needs that you can log.

Can I put my child in after school if I am involved?

Yes, if your involvement hours are after normal school hours you are welcome to put your child in our after school program free of charge. Please just let Shannon (in the front office) know to send your child to after school because you are being involved. After school is from 2:30pm-5:15pm.

What if I don’t have time to BE INVOLVED?

The BE INVOLVED Program commitment was put in place to encourage involvement and help create a greater sense of community at Parkside. There is $400 fee for families that cannot commit to 20 involvement hours. If your family has committed to the 20 annual involvement hours in lieu of paying the $400 fee, but has not completed these hours by the end of the school year, Parkside will bill any remaining hours at the rate of $20 per hour. Please contact Linda: to arrange payment of this fee if your availability has changed since enrollment.

Does attendance at Parent Education Events count toward being involved?

Yes! There is no better way to participate in our community and stay connected to the school’s philosophies than by attending our Parent Education Events. You can earn one involvement hour toward your family’s involvement requirement for every event you attend (regardless of the length of the event).

Do I get involvement hours for laundry, snack and classroom pet care?

Yes. We allow 1 involvement hour for each time that a family does laundry or provides snack. We also allow 1 involvement hour for each day that a family cares for a classroom pet. There are more than enough other opportunities through out the year to chip in and get the minimum 20 involvement hours.

Volunteer Assignments, Logging Hours & More

Do I have to create a volunteer account?

Yes! This is how we will keep track of the involvement hours you have completed and it is the only way for you to sign up for involvement opportunities.

Do I have to sign up for a new account each year?

No. If you are a returning family and have an account from last year you do not need to set up a new account.

Does each parent need to have an account?

No. We ask that you set up only one account per family unless you are a two household family.

How do I sign up for assignments / events?

Make sure to create an account. Once signed in you will be able to view all available involvement opportunities (including committees) in a calendar format. Sign up for what works best for your family!

Are there committees that I can join?

Yes! Most of our school committees revolve around the traditions of our fundraising events and can be viewed here. Your weekly Happenings email will alert you to committee needs and meetings. But, you may express your interest in any of the committees at any time, by contacting Elizabeth via email or phone, 512-589-1592.

Where do I check in for my BE INVOLVED assignment?

Please sign in at the front office so that we know you are on campus and being involved. Please check in with your coordinator at any off-campus events. They can direct you to the sign in sheet and get you started.

Do I need to do anything after I’ve completed my BE INVOLVED assignment?

Yes! You must log your involvement hours. This is the only way we can track every family at school. Sign in to your account and log your involvement hours on your timesheet.

I can’t make my assignment. What should I do?

Please log in to your account and double click the assignment. Click on “Remove Me” to make that slot available for other parents.

Why aren’t there more involvement opportunities for me to actually be in my child’s classroom?

We invite you to observe the classroom in order to better understand the need to maintain the children’s prepared environment that Montessori emphasizes and promotes. The classroom is highly dependent on routine and feeling secure in one’s environment. As this space belongs to the children, having different parents in and out of the classroom breaks the overall routine and flow.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my involvement hours?

Contact Elizabeth via email or phone, 512-589-1592 and she can help you with your concerns.

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