Parent Ed. Workshop 3/20

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

Creating a more Effective Social Learning

Environment for 5 to 12 year olds

March 20th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Parkside Classroom [TBD]
Presented by Pierce Green

This will be a wonderful workshop Parkside is offering to our parents, please plan on attending. Being a former Parkside afterschool guide and assistant teacher, Pierce has unique insight into our children and their needs. Many of us are in the power struggle with our children and are looking for some techniques to bring the peace, Pierce is here to do just that. The workshop will focus on children ages 5-12. We invite parents to join us as he addresses all of the following:

  • The Power of Expectations
  • Consciously Setting a Frame for Words and Deeds
  • Riding the Rapids (their emotions)
  • Responding versus Reacting (your emotions)
  • Say it like you Own it (Walking the Talk)
  • Specific Techniques
  • Troubleshooting

Please RSVP with Shannon as soon as possible if you plan on attending. Childcare will not be available for this parent-only meeting. Please make other arrangements for your kiddos.

More from Pierce:

I got a call the other day from Parkside to come do another workshop. It feels good to be invited back. The feedback that I heard was that the recent Upper Elementary training had been received well and that there was some interest in a follow-up workshop for parents. Though I absolutely relish public speaking and interactive workshops, I feel it’s important to put it out there that I do not have any kids of my own. On the other hand, I do have a great deal of experience working with kids of all ages and with adults seeking relationship and family support.

I can also tell you that I seem to have a knack for getting desirable results for the people that I work with. I am trained as a family and relationship counselor and have been working indirectly and directly in this field for over 20 years. My experience includes: working on a psychiatric unit for abused teens, running Parkside’s after-school program, being an assistant teacher in Parkside’s upper elementary, teaching both character education (lower elementary) and bully prevention (middle school) in Denver, acting as a family counselor for 3 to 18 y.o. boys in Denver who had lost their fathers, managing both teen and adult emotional intelligence and critical decision-making trainings for court-ordered clients, facilitating organizational development workshops for small to mid-size businesses, providing services as a certified mediator, and running addiction recovery classes for Travis county. Currently I am facilitating three weekly domestic violence reduction groups in Austin, counseling and mentoring child through teen age youth, providing parenting support, and most importantly, offering private personal growth and relationship support for individuals and couples in my private practice.

It feels like a good list now that I am taking the time to type it up. Along the way, you might say that I picked up a few things that work. If you’re interested, have the time, or are just downright curious, Reality In Perspective Productions presents…Creating a more Effective Social Learning Environment for 5 to 12 year olds.

Parkside Community School
“Parkside has been the best gift we could have ever given our kids so they could just be kids. And with Grandpa Joe and Nani Claire watching over them with exquisite love and care. We are forever indebted to you both.”
Apurva and Nehal Bhansali