Montessori Myths Explained

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

Have you ever wished to be a fly on the wall in the classroom? Are you stumped by some of the terms you hear your child using? Would you like a better understanding of just what is going on here? You’re not alone! Since this grand experiment began, Montessori families have hungered for more insight into their child’s day and for direction on how to support their learning and development at home, and we want to help. In this “Montessori Minute” section, we’ll share short articles, videos, and other resources to explain and demonstrate aspects of Montessori curriculum, theory, philosophy, and more. By removing some of the mystery, we hope to reinforce the choice you’ve made to give your child this incredible education.

This week, we dispel some of the common myths about Montessori – how many have you heard?

Parkside Community School
“At Parkside, the respectful way teachers treat and talk to the kids not only shapes their expectations for other relationships in their lives, it also sets them up for a positive experience of learning. There’s a balance of understanding and support, and the benefit of being known by caring, responsive people. We may live in a big city, but Parkside creates a loving, small town feel for every member of the community.
Amy Lowrey