Families in Balance

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

Many of us find our days slipping away, wishing for another hour to finish some of the many things on our plate. We are constantly tugged and pulled by our families schedules and commitments. How can we truly enjoy our children and ourselves if we are constantly going? Aw, finally the weekend comes, we all hope for a little calm relaxing time, but instead find it just as busy as the week before. When does it end? How can you find some balance in your daily life? Gail is here to help.

Join us this Saturday as Gail Allen presents a workshop in Families in Balance.

Families in Balance
Saturday, Feb. 20th
10am – 12pm @ Parkside

Gail will share her insight on bringing balance to our contemporary family life. You will leave with some tools on how to identify challenging areas and create numerous solutions and coping mechanisms to bring harmony back into your own life. Start thinking of areas of your family life that feel out of balance and bring them with you. This is a gift to you and your family from Parkside. Please make child care arrangement so you man attend.

Who is Gail Allen?
International Speaker, Parent Educator, Family Consultant, Co-Founder For Kids Sake, over 40 years experience, a mother and grandmother

Parkside Community School
“At Parkside, the respectful way teachers treat and talk to the kids not only shapes their expectations for other relationships in their lives, it also sets them up for a positive experience of learning. There’s a balance of understanding and support, and the benefit of being known by caring, responsive people. We may live in a big city, but Parkside creates a loving, small town feel for every member of the community.
Amy Lowrey