Back To School!

Parkside Community School - Austin Texas Montessori School

Welcome Back Everyone

To help make your first couple of days of the 2010-2011 school year smooth, here are a few details.

First Day of School – Monday, August 30
(all returning children begin school)
We stagger our new children into their classrooms on Wednesday, Sept. 1 and Friday, Sept. 3.


Important details about arrival and departure:

Arrival Departure
Primary half day 8:15-8:30 12:00-12:15
Primary full day 8:15-8:30 2:30-2:45
All Elementary 8:15-8:30 3:00-3:15


We allow 15 minutes of leeway at arrival and departure.

During arrival the front of the school is a drop off zone only.  Please do not park here, you may stay in your car and as you pull up to the front of the school your child gets out and you drive off.

Please feel free to park across the street to walk your child to their classroom.  Kindly say your goodbyes outside the classroom, only the children walk inside.


Any information for your child’s teacher may be left in the folders on the bench at the front walkway into school.  The folders are delivered to the classroom right after arrival.


Primary half day departure is from 12:00 to 12:15.  Please use the front of the school to park and get out to receive your children at the front gate (parking is very challenging in our neighborhood at this time).

Primary full day departure is from 2:30 to 2:45.  You may park in front of the school to pick up your child.  Please do not leave your car in the pick up zone, our Elementary departure is 15 minutes later.

Elementary departure is from 3:00 to 3:15.  Please stay in your car and pull up in front of the school.  We will become very familiar with your car and we will walk your child to the car and you drive off.  Feel free to park across the street and walk across to pick up your child in person.


Please send a healthy lunch for your child; fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, good sources of protein, wholesome foods to help young minds grow strong.

We request that you send lunch in reusable containers that the children can successfully open themselves, we encourage no waste lunches (no trash).  Casa de Luz offers a wholesome vegetarian lunch for $3.50.  The orders are in the front office and Shannon can guide you.


Our first Simple Gifts Ceremony will be Friday, September 11.

No School on Labor Day – Monday, September 6

These are just a few important tidbits to get started.

Your Parent Handbook is your source of information, please read it carefully.

Parkside Community School
“I tell my friends endless stories about Parkside all the time. It was the best school I've ever attended. I don't think I'll ever meet two people as extraordinary as Joe and Claire -- they really changed my life. Thank you, Parkside, for all of your contributions, love, and support! ”
Bella Castillo