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ARTtv: A Creative Arts Show For Kids

The OUTSIDE VOICE mission is to give all kids the inspiration and courage they need to grow as critical-thinkers and creators.  Big stuff!  But where do we start?
Our very own Ron Pippin (dad to Max of UPE and Janie of LE2) is doing great things with art and he needs your support! He is combining his passion for creativity with his experience making commercials to make a great show about art! And we can call it ARTtv!

ARTtv video

What Is ARTtv?

    • Parent-approved screen time
    • A place to learn life skills and have fun
    • Contagious inspiration that encourages exploration
    • A resource for groups helping creativity thrive for all kids
    • A community where young artists boldly share their work
    • Creative play that builds happiness and lasting connections

How can you help?

    • Dig deep, Donate what you can to our funding campaign.
    • Share where you share. Most importantly, email believers.
    • Use INDIEGOGO short link and our hashtag when you share:  #jumpstartARTtv


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