Parkside’s Be Involved Program

There’s a reason that “community” is in our name: Parkside is truly a place where families come together, and where we all pitch in to help our school reach its fullest potential.

The more involved you are with Parkside, the more you’ll help create the best possible experience and education for your child. When you attend parent conferences and classroom parent meetings, you build connection and trust with your child’s teachers. We also highly encourage you to attend our periodic Parent Education events, which focus on topics such as childhood development stages, the Montessori method, and brain development research. Our Simple Gifts gatherings, annual campouts, guitar recitals, and other school-wide events offer wonderful opportunities to get to know other Parkside families and staff.


Upon enrollment, we ask your family to commit to 20 hours of volunteer service per school year through our Be Involved program. Examples of activities that count toward the 20-hour Be Involved commitment include parent education events, snack shopping, assistance with fundraising events, and classroom laundry or dusting.

We post upcoming involvement opportunities in our e-newsletter Parkside Happenings, so your family can easily check for new listings each week.

“Parkside has been the best gift we could have ever given our kids so they could just be kids. And with Grandpa Joe and Nani Claire watching over them with exquisite love and care. We are forever indebted to you both.”
Apurva and Nehal Bhansali